Sunday, November 15, 2015


forever peace possible?


The world is praying for Peace. The sane people are just shaking their heads in shock. It goes on and on and on. Is peace even possible?

Yes. But its within that one has control over. Having peace within is really the only real peace. Our outer world and the hate and violence we are witnessing day in and day seems to have never ending fuel. How can we change that? By being as peaceful within as possible in these stressful times. Beyond that, I really do not know. Change what you can - yourself- your attitudes- surround yourself with love, and try as much as possible to be that love. Evil always has been. Its certainly reaching levels unheard of.

Why now?  The celestial sky right now has several planets traveling through revenge Scorpio. The Sun and Mercury- and Mercury was at the New Moon in Scorpio degree when hell visited Paris. It is actually an accursed degree the 19 degree of Scorpio according to the ancients.  This is very lower energy level, but it doesn't HAVE to be. There is always a choice. Every sign has higher and lower expressions. Its about GROWING towards the higher levels. Scorpio is also about HEALING and TRANSFORMATION- flying high above the human nature of hate, violence, destruction. So if you have planets at this degree, fret not- make a choice to activate higher energies. Just because one is born with a hot temper doesn't make it an excuse to never get a grip on it.

But where the real trouble can be identified is with distorted ideology.  Saturn and Neptune are coming to a square relationship. Saturn is about the rules, structures, and the OLD SCHOOL way. Its traveling through Sagittarius right now. (and will be there for several years). Sag energy is about religion.  The groups that are causing so much violence in the world have a game plan to go back to the dark ages of their interpretation of the Koran. Neptune which can be confused and deluded thinking/action is in Pisces. These two planets (Saturn/Neptune) are squaring off. A serious look at how to starve the backwards hate mongers will be looked at. Cracking the unity of hate. Making it powerless. Cutting off their funds, and means to propaganda promotion   to recruit others. Jupiter is in Virgo and creates a T-SQ with Saturn and Neptune- so practical means to stop the flow of delusional haters.

Until then? Practice peace within. PRACTICAL means to combat hate are: LOVE BOMB! Help people, be kind, try to not focus on all this violence, instead donate blood, blankets, food, etc. Lift up the downtrodden in your community. Small things add to big things!  Bring Peace with you everywhere from inside. We can't live in fear- that's not living. Shine your LIGHT. Make it so BRIGHT that there is no place for darkness to hide.

The world will have its ugly side always. This is the nature of duality. Bottom line- there are more LOVING people on the planet than hateful ones. People/Organizations like:

Manoj Bargava



Sri Sathya Sai Baba 

Doctors without Borders

International Medical Corps

The list could go on and on. There are AMAZING people on this planet dedicated to lessening the suffering of others! Focus on that!! Add your name to the list.

Listen to people who inspire on Teds Talks:

Ted Talks

This is how we keep our own positive vibration going. You'll also have help from the stars. Venus and Mars both are in Libra right now. As they travel through the 'peace and justice' sign, we all have a opportunity to try to get along. Make love and generate the vibe to work together- in marriages, and partnerships of all kind. We really do NEED EACH OTHER. Mars will be in Libra until early Jan 2016. Venus will remain in Libra until early Dec. As they travel side by side, remember to embrace GRACE and gratitude. We are after all coming close to the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Why not celebrate TG everyday?

It is so easy to become jaded if we do not saturate ourselves with kindness. Because the longest and deepest relationship you will ever have is with your very self. So cultivate the compassion not only towards  others, but also with yourself! No one is 'perfect' and how boring would that be anyhow?  We are perfect in our imperfectness, and yet- it IS about being the best YOU - that you can be. Without sounding sappy, I'd like to also add that our imperfections are what usually endears us to others.

As Jupiter transits through Virgo- we can take a vow to expand our acceptance of others and their short comings. Really there is only the now- this very breath that we have- in and out. Here it is almost the end of 2015, AND just think how fast this has come. Well, our time on earth goes by just as fast- so celebrate LOVE and LIFE and perfect imperfections in this world- all the while TRY to smile more, complain less, and give of your heart. Then peace will be there - here- with you to share with all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo Credit: parker mcphinney c. 2003

Thursday, October 15, 2015


authentically worn

Lots of Virgo energy about us. Venus, Mars, Jupiter all hanging out in the 'workers' sign. Do you feel worn out?  Or are you wearing the title of 'duty' and 'perfectly in line' as badges?  Also possible that you are tapping into the "power of the imPRovement plan".....

Today Mars goes toe to toe with Pluto. Power is the name of the game. Endurance. Able to go that extra mile, on the juice of just how great it feels to have done a job- WELL. This is a pushing aspect. Plug into your work ethic, even though you might 'feel' like going in the opposite direction and seriously consider the benefits of letting it all go. Maybe perfectionist energy is over rated. Maybe our 'best' doesn't even matter. After all Neptune is in a wide opposition to this Mars-Pluto trine. Maybe I will stop buying vitamins, eat whatever I feel like, and tell the political parties in America to work for their money like the rest of us. No more perks. No days off. Government shutdown? You are officially FIRED. Pink slips across the board. As a matter of fact, lets pass a law that says if you have held a government job for more than five years, you are seriously addicted to power- and need to enter rehab. That will consist of working the streets of major cities feeding the homeless. You will be required to do one tour of duty to a war zone. You must travel to every school that has had a shooting spree and hand out flyers about how guns don't kill people, but we aren't sure what does or how to solve the issue. You will be required to log at least 500 hours of community service (you'll be told where by a commoner) in an old folks home- reading the constitution out loud, and also every word on every bill that you ever voted for. After your rehab program you'll be tested to see if you've really been holding your bargain of 'off of power'- we'll (the common people) bug your phone to see if you are discussing in private plans for future office running, or are secretly promising things that can never be delivered. If you fail your power-test, you'll be sentenced to move into the projects (city to be determined to give the greatest punishment) and never EVER be able to move out.

Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius now. We all need to perfect satirical thinking to enjoy the next two years.

This month- just lay the ground work of the PLAN. Whatever it might be. Learn to LOVE THE PLAN. (Venus in Virgo).

On Nov 2nd Venus and Mars will hold hands in Virgo at 25 degrees. That's deep into the earth sign. What seeds/ideas/concepts/unions you PLAN will show their results in AUG 2016.  They might come darn close to blooming in mid Jan 2016, but alas- Jupiter will turn retrograde just about the time you think the PLAN is complete. Its not. It will be revised for many months and not until Aug 2016 will full HARVEST show its face.  There will be green light blessings along the way- mid- Feb 2016, mid-May2016. Things that LAST do not happen fast. Proper ground work is required. You must defend against virus thinking. You are as strong as you believe yourself to be. No one won the gold at the Olympics with failure attitude.

Sometimes the old house-shoes are so comfortable that we do not ever want to throw them in the recycle bin. But fungus can grow in places that we'd not expect and then compromise our health. So do not be afraid to disinfect. Spic and Span the hidden places that gather unwanted infestations of the negative mind set, habits, and or people who suck your soul.  Virgo is about being clean. In mind, in organizations, in the big picture to the tiny dot. Our big thinking must pass the test of the details.
TOO MUCH can kill you, just as TOO LITTLE can.  BALANCE is the key.

This month do not make promises you have no intention of keeping. They will come back to haunt you. We have a building T- Square of  Jupiter (big is better) Saturn (laws) Neptune (fantasy).  At various times each planet will have more of the focus than others. But, never (even with wide orb) will these three be apart from each other in the coming months. So, you'll be reminded of what you said- when you said it- and HOW you said it. Since we live in techno-village pictures and transcripts will follow you on Facebook until you die. So, no over promising- ok?  Glee is a TV SHOW. Yes, I know they won awards, but ..... keep it real. Do the work. Reach high and Far, but never forget THE WORKING PLAN.

I am reminded of a scene in the movie Shine.

Take a look.........


Monday, September 14, 2015


flesh vs iron

Progress is determined by what?  Ease of doing things? Are the old ways really so out dated? (phone calls-with a voice, vs a bunch of letters in short hand).  Is the human factor being left behind for saving the 'company' and making the most of profits, and or just not having anyone question your decisions. Robots don't talk back, but they do break down. They are expensive to repair and cold steel has no chance in competition with a voice and body that has the possibility to care about a sale or interaction.

I've noticed as of late that amazing amount of sterile energy (or lack of human touch) in not just my neighborhood Fed Ex "copy/supply" store- but in everyday interactions as well. Fed Ex made the choice to cut the staff and replace them with machines.So, I won't go back. The computer machines just aren't the same as a human smile. If they can't 'afford' to keep people employed because of the minimum wage going up to an ALMOST HUMAN WAGE-(where a one bedroom rents for what is a month's salary for most) then that company needs to fold up tent. People are what makes a company, keep it going, and really is what life is all about- learning to get along and deepening the heart. Otherwise, in deep thought - WHY ARE WE HERE ON EARTH? To interact with a robot? Not me. I suggest viewing the movie; "Ex Machina"....... You will get where I am coming from.

The world has gone so technical they've lost the human touch. This week we will find out how very important it is to have PEOPLE around when things break down. Mercury is going into retrograde mode~ and this time around its at the 15 degree of Libra in a tight square with Pluto.  Power to the PEOPLE.  SEE ME- FEEL ME- TOUCH ME- (Tommy is singing).....iron man isn't invited to this party! So for the next three weeks we will find out just how important the 'negotiations' are. And what is your bottom line.

The Solar Eclipse that just happened in Virgo at 21 degrees is all about workers rights, the day to day community that makes your world flow a bit smoother.  (farmers, health workers, baby sitters, small pets, accountants). Human Values will be high on the agenda in the next year. The common man is getting really tired of the phony baloney and greed that is a result of forgetting the HUMAN FACTOR. This particular eclipse is in an inconjunct to Uranus...(major adjustment) 'up-risings' will happen- and in places and people you never thought of. The slow but steady build up of anger is going to start to scream out- and shut down the 'systems' that refuse to LISTEN. Expect to suddenly NOT have things the way 'they were'. (train on time, submissive employees, etc).

This week of Sept 14th- is so power packed with changes that you'll need a safe place to just CHILL and watch an old black and white movie. I suggest "Singing in the Rain".........which we need lots of on the West Coast. The water wars are going to continue, and also WAR ON THE WATERS.  Jupiter will make its opposition to Neptune-on Sept 16th.  Both are deep in big thinking dreams. Both are tied to how to make the 'world' a better place. YOU NEED A PLAN. Dreaming alone, does nothing but keep your mind occupied in 'what ifs'....... of the fantasy kind.  IN order to make the dreams a reality you have to use also- practical knowledge and some muscle grease.  And everyone knows without water your garden isn't going to grow- so yes, you do need to do a little rain dance for the magic of divine to pour down the wet stuff. Rattle your stick and hold hands with your tribe, (power in numbers is the new rule)  get the new agreement in WRITING and leave no room for deception- READ the fine print. THIS week ESPECIALLY. Drilling in the ARCTIC?  DISASTER. SHUT THAT IDEA DOWN by refusing to fund Shell at the pump. This is so much a BAD IDEA- I can't even write about it. There is a t-sq building with Jupiter - Neptune- and Saturn. They (GREED COMPANIES) need to be sent a message. Withhold your support- in every way possible. Common SENSE much come back into the picture! People haven't yet OWNED their power- to change- idiotic thinking. They are starting to wake up.

Saturn moves back into SAGITTARIUS......... on the 17th- (the same day that Mercury flips). Education, long distance travel ,Religion and its real purpose, Sports Stars who are out of work due to over working it- will all lead the headlines. IF we can get past the soap opera news that passes for news. Strong words about who can go where- and how we HELP HUMANS. Syria? Another disaster - the result of thinking BOMBS solve issues instead of minds that can compromise.

And the last week in Sept is going to show us what happens when you don't compromise. The Lunar Eclipse of this month- is in the 5 degree of Aries. The fighter. Spiting fire never felt so empowering.  Sometimes you do have to YELL "FIRE!" Or "FAKER!"

Eclipses always bring sudden shifts in your world when they highlight your personal planets.  So if you have planets in the cardinal signs (Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries @ the 5 degree) - a BIG shift is coming. (also- Virgo, Sag, Gemini, Pisces at 21-23 degrees). You've likely felt it for a while. Stiff upper lip- and try to be very very direct in your communications and actions. You won't be able to hide - how you feel- what you need- to get through the changes in the path. Like George Harrison says: "when you don't know where you are going, any path will do"..... just put one foot (or idea)  in front of the other- and KEEP MOVING. This energy can not, should not be 'sat' on. Step over the log in the road. Learn to swim across the river. Use all your tools. (Mind, Body, Spirit).

You'll be happy to know- this month will bring some much needed action to get to 'higher ground'- (physical and mental) and once you are *there* you just might discover that the company (tribe) you seek is waiting for you- with some good old fashion manners and a good meal of the old school kind-slow,steady, and basic.  Get back to the land, in nature and around those who like to walk the path with actions instead of words. Its a good time to hang with the trees. Even embrace your child spirit and climb on up one. Get a NEW VIEW.


Friday, August 14, 2015


WORK IT; Jupiter in Virgo

I was going to speak on pollution. Gross Pollution. The EPA pulling the plug on three million gallons of Toxic mine waste- into the Animas river in Colorado, just as Jupiter (BIG) moved into the clean up your act- sign Virgo. Did anyone get fired? I do wonder. The way things are going down these days, one needs to stay busy to not become depressed. Work is a salve for the soul. Not for everyone mind you~ some people are into couch potato energy. They likely aren't doing what they love. And its going to be vital that you do what you love for the next 12 months. Otherwise, its going to feel like eating cardboard. Very bland. You'll be a whiner, and complaining will replace doing what you love.

 Complainers are so, because they've not tapped into what they love-!  Well, some people do love to complain. And at times one DOES HAVE A DUTY to complain! But that alone won't change things~ complaining stirs up the pot. It can sometimes result in some serious action. There were some very unhappy Grad students at the University of Southern California that not only complained- they ALL dropped out of the MFA program ~ AT ONCE. Because? The school wasn't listening to them- and their valid complaints. Somehow - someone FORGOT that they were there FOR the students, not the other way around. Change can be in our favor when we tap into our voice- and match it with action. Someone needs to tell this to the USA government- because they too have forgotten about the American people, the ones that they are here to SERVE.

Thank God Jupiter has moved from Happy -pay attention to me- to HOW CAN I BEST SERVE? Virgo. Seva (service), team work, digging out the weeds, fixing up the joint, getting on a GOOD diet, cleaning out closets,cabinets,garage and the junk in your mind- never was this so much fun. Really, making your life more stream line- effective and efficient really does have its rewards. It really is time to "clean up your act"~ period. No more excuses. If you pass by this path to improve your lot, you'll be sorry, because it really is easier than you think, (once you get in the grove) and you'll have to wait 12 more years if you give into the lazy vibe and don't make changes now.  Jupiter runs in a 12 year cycle.

We are going to be getting a big dose of Virgo - in Sept. Not only with the Giant planet Jupiter in Virgo- but we have a Solar Eclipse in Virgo at 20 degrees next month. So...... getting organized and compartment figuring it out- will be very much in the forefront of every one's mind.  So will Unions. Worker's RIGHTS. And how important BEES really are. The DETAILS will matter. Picky, Picky Picky. The Earth will be getting our attention even more (is that possible?) with how we grow our food, and what's tainted it and how to drag out those who thing they know best, when in fact the only thing they are concerned with is money and greed. Virgo likes things refined and simple. LESS IS MORE.

Nothing happens in isolation in the cosmos. Everything modifies everything else. While Virgo in Jupiter is skipping along this path for the next 12 months- (or doing the slow contemplative meditation walk) he'll be also striking a deal to become stronger with Pluto to 'get to the bottom of this waste'. As he begins to oppose Neptune, there will be no place for liars who've cooked the books to hide. Areas that will become TIGHT- are "worker compensation laws" and parasites who live off the system- because they've not discovered what they love (couch potatoes). Our welfare systems will be reviewed. And we might see a lean in towards socialism but with a twist of you still have to put in an eight hour day- and who really deserves a summer off? Certainly not our congress!!!!!!! The gap between the corporation greed and the rest of humanity is going to be picked at, until its made right. And yes, Virgo Sun Bernie Sanders is gaining ground. (dob -8th Sept 1941- he's ripe for success). Sanders is the three of Diamonds in the cards- "let's make a WORKING deal".

When Saturn re-enters Sag- mid- Sept........THAT'S when its going to get real interesting- around the areas of higher education, profits of education to benefit the top tier and not the student (we will see student protests in the next year- simply not paying back your student loans is going to create a monster snake hill). The vaccine debate will heat up. All of this is because Virgo in Jupiter will square off with Saturn in Sagittarius. Little guy vs the big guy. Remember what I said about LESS IS MORE. One small act of defiance CAN bring the house of cards tumbling down. Remember Gandhi's Salt march ?

When you find yourself a bit frustrated in the next few months, when things "seem" to be blocked, or actually are blocked- my advice is CLEAN THE FLOORS. Get out that bucket and water and soap and clean the floors. Give away a book to a homeless person. Plant a seed in your front yard- a Mango seed, a lemon seed a cherry seed. Whatever tree you want to see grow. Don't have a front yard? Plant a seed in a tiny container in your window seal. When it is big enough put it on the porch. When it needs ground- find someone who has a yard and give it to them. WORK IT. Collect seed beads. You collect enough you can create something beautiful. Work is GOD for those who plug into the joy of it. It will bring you some relief from the ever chatting mind stream of worry.

Tips for the signs: (read your rising sign too if you know it).

Aries-   Clean up your diet. Exercise. Manage your anger.

Taurus- What can you do for your lover? Child? Create path? Give what you want to get.

Gemini- Stop with the multi choices and just CLEAN ONE Drawer. Help your Mom/Dad. Focus is on Roots/home.

Cancer- Take a class in improvement- of- your mind/body/soul. Road Trips!

Leo- Ask for the raise AFTER you give 500 percent to the job for five months.

Virgo- Yes, it is about YOU now, and YOUR skills. Milk it for all its worth. Your time to shine is NOW.

Libra- Look at your need to keep the harmony- when conflict would actually bring spiritual growth.

Scorpio-Join the organization that speaks to your cause. Run with a pack of wolves, you get more done with others.

Sag- Publish your story. Stick to the finer details. Walk the talk.

Capricorn- Serve your God without fanfare or needing accolades. Give to charity. Travel. Let go of your dogma.

Aquarius- Bury the past. Let go of all that you think you know. Be willing to RECEIVE.

Pisces- Love your partner. Take your ideas to public. Crowd sourcing IS for you!

But whatever you do- to work it- remember you can take a rest, even if its just the afternoon nap now and again.

photo: ulysses working the dome c. parker mcphinney 2011.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Straight "F's": Food, Family, Feelings

JULY is FOOD/FAMILY/FEELINGS month. What you put in your head, body, heart has a direct connection to how you "feel". SO many planets in Cancer right now. The Sun, Mercury, Mars- all saying- "what gives you that secure feeling?". You'll be craving that in super doses. WHO you hang with also has a super sensitive factor while we are swimming in the water sign - cancer.

Mars will be in the sign of Cancer all month- even into August. Mars certainly isn't at home there. Tends to 'need' more comfort food. Can be very emotional. About everything, but especially- home, food, family.  So watch it if you are prone to eating eating eating to 'fill up' a void that's really about fear. Create some healthy boundaries around your desires. Sometimes we just have to FACE the fear!  That actually puts you in a place of developing strength; you can begin to work on a solution instead of focusing on 'what if there's not enough food, love, money...'  

I am hear to tell you- We've been here before!~  Last time Mars traveled through the sign of cancer was the Summer of 2013. If you are reading this- you still have a computer and you survived that last two years. See? You do get through it all. Especially since THEN we were in the building of Uranus sq Pluto cycle. Well, its still happening (waning though) and this month we will get a shake up with it- but the difference is that - you've had plenty of practice. So, what to expect?  When Mars gets to the 15-20 degree of Cancer- the tests will begin. Maybe even the FINAL test! Diploma time. (can you be diplomatic enough to embrace the good with the bad?) OR the 'openings for change and new horizons- that actually can set you free!  This will be July 14th - July 22nd. Big stuff then.  That's also the week of a new moon. (new plans around food, home, security, and what feeds you emotionally as well as figuratively). How to sit at the dinner table with people who you don't always share the same political/social/ or even ideology views with. It means you have to just not be emotionally involved with THEIR POV. Let them have the views they want. Keep yours. Be mature emotionally.  All that water cancer energy is moving towards a trine with Saturn in Scorpio-  WE CAN ALL GET ALONG- if we let the past go AND want to.  But if we continue to dredge up that 'story' of the past- no one is ever going to build trust; In the family, community or the world. And sometimes, when you realize there is no meeting ground- best to just cut the ties. Build a strong fence.

Lots of 'family reunions' take place in the summer. (in the northern hemisphere). You can avoid the pain of the past, by not partaking in the foods that upset your stomach. Learn to control your intake.

Bigger picture: Venus (love and money, love of money, love of art, art in money-what you VALUE). 

 Venus is the spotlight planet this month. She's going retrograde.  At zero Virgo.  July 25th.  She does a sweet little twirl in Virgo for just six days- before returning into the sign of QUEEN LEO on Aug 1st.  Sept 5th she stations direct.  Basically, this means- all summer and some of fall she'll be in the sign of Leo. Fire baby fire! Strong emotions around love. Treat your loved ones with royal swagger and in most esteem ever- or ---- just be prepared to be ignored by Queen Leo. Puny efforts at love are not rewarded with this placement. Leo loves romance. Loves, LOVES to be 'courted'. If you can't summons the courage of heart to take a risk on love, then get thee to the outhouse. 

Such fun it will be while Venus is in Leo- as she'll be blowing kisses over to Uranus and he'll be blowing them right back! (this WILL BE FUN!!).........Not to forget that the last thirty days of Jupiter in Leo (not to be repeated until 2027) will add depth to the love bug. Expanded travels can be part of romantic plays. However, Saturn in Scorpio- will keep the frolicking to a sensible level. So if you can't get to Bali just yet, perhaps a weekend to the secret hideaway will have to do!

In matters of art creations- don't skip on the tools you use. QUALITY is the name of the game.  AUTHENTICITY AND SUBSTANCE are what fuels love and creativity for July-Aug. 

As expected we are seeing lots of High end weddings in the news. This will continue. Like I said- Venus in Leo- is very very QUEENLY. 

Uranus will also turn retrograde this month- on the 26th. Excellent time to 'rework friendships and love' a matter of fact expect lots of 'old loves' to return to the picture. A review of what went wrong can maybe mend a fence or two. However as long as Venus, Uranus and Saturn are all retrograde- unless a fundamental change has truly taken place it won't hold.  So review your needs make sure you are speaking the same language and both parties are truly willing to work at having the love expand. Otherwise very deep wounds can be created; they will fester and follow you. So act with up-most awareness ! This is true of business partnerships as well as romantic ones. Also- rework- old art projects! Pull out the 'that didn't work' and see if a new approach can utilize a finish product that you are happy with. Blend a bit of experimental flavor to all your creative endeavors.

 The student of life, that puts heart first, and approaches the next month with earnest enthusiastic effort- doing ones best- that person, will be given straight A's ! Honor Roll (role) status! 



Wednesday, June 10, 2015


inner stillness ; the view

"Never fear chaos because out of chaos something is always born. Instead of worrying about a chaotic situation, I await the birth. When your mind becomes chaotic-or when my mind is- it is because it is impossible to see the whole." ~ Carl Payne Tobey

(From: The Astrology of Inner Space)



Inside of you is a space that you can lean on in times of confusion. The trick is to make friends with this inner self. Greet it like a grandma/pa that is all knowing and all hugs!

Many MANY opportunities to look 'inward' now.  We are still in the Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury will station direct on June 11th. STILL..........BE STILL.  Don't rush out to manifest or 'fix' what confusions happened in the last three weeks. Digest them for another week. Contemplate your role in the dramas and misunderstanding if these have transpired. BE clear before attempting to 'clear it up'.

Friday, the 12th of June, Neptune stations retrograde. This is actually a wonderful time to dream - inside your own INNER world. Not projecting it OUTSIDE OF THE SELF.  Take stock of what you can develop behind closed doors now. Keep some of your dreams to yourself. We live in a world where there is very little left to the imagination, all is shared - INSTANTLY. Every single fantasy and detail of life, is shared on Facebook, tweeter, 60 minutes! Our private lives do not exist if you are constantly telling the entire universe things that maybe~ COULD BE KEPT PRIVATE. KEPT SACRED. MADE SPECIAL. Celebrated in private. Like the secret hideaway you had as a kid.

Saturn is moving back into Scorpio on Sunday, June 14th. This should help in honoring private moments as such. Developing a bit of decorum. What was going on Mid- Dec. 2014? That can be revisited. What are your guidelines/boundaries in intimate arrangements? What responsibilities do you need to face up to?- how to mature concerning your sexual energy?  What elder in the family NEEDS your support and can count on you to BE THERE?  The last four months of Saturn in the last degree of Scorpio will separate the boys from the men, the adult from the rebellious (don't fence me in) teenager. If you can't be there for the one that gave you support in YOUR life- (aka- parents, grandparents, any elder in your world)~ expect that same to meet you when you're unable to care for yourself- by yourself.

 Scorpio energy really is an 'old-soul' kind of vibration. Its serious and loyal- sometimes obsessive, and even cruel when in the lower manifestation- but Scorpio energy is: "NO ONE LEFT BEHIND" and especially in Saturn. So, if you've not grown up yet, and you are past 28, get ready to learn some hard lessons in accountability. Saturn also rules - THE RULES.  Scorpio is debt.  The rules are going to be review. I still say the Feds are going to look at interest rates. We got a problem here- "STUDENT DEBT".......isn't going to just 'dissolve' can't garnish a paycheck for student loans, when there isn't one. So, sexual behavior, debt, elders, are on the agenda for the next months. Its not all gloom-doom......its simply - find a balance! Real estate numbers will be tweaked, and one might find some good deals with 'fixer-uppers' now, or fore-closers that have been sitting for way too long. Saturn will return to Sag, on Sept 17th. Until then, People born  with planets in the last degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius- have a chance to build from a new foundation. This "chance for a new life" won't return for 28 years. For some, not in their life time again. STAND TALL, and KNOW YOURSELF and YOUR LIMITS.

Now, for some light-hardheartedness.......BIG HEART action is happening all month! Venus is in LEO--- ! Romance and declarations from a big and OPEN heart.......... and you know what? Its needed! Splash that love of yours with daring sweet nothings~~~ sing out and skip with the joy of shared love.  Be child like in fearing nothing and giving all. Venus will be moving towards a lovely, most marvelous trine (flow) with Uranus.......and its a great combo of a loving friendship that shines for all to see. This energy will become more apparently toward the Summer Solstice....... which is on Father's day this year. Exact time- 9:38 AM PDT on the 21st of June.

On the 24th of June, Mars (action) will move into DAD, is going to be in the kitchen more and more! (maybe just eating, but .... it could be to cook too!)

Mars in Cancer - is self-protective and very much wanting emotional security. So while Mars visits Cancer- (until Aug 8th) Take the action -towards family matters, the home front, and also unite to make a more solid base for yourself. DIY projects work well with Mars in Cancer.... especially building a home based business. I am sorry to say the water wars will continue.

Until we get back to 'basics' and 'balance' we will continue to feel the chaos energy of the unknown, and somewhat insecure. The answer to this challenging time that we all live in, is to anchor yourself to the people and values that you believe in. The 'unknown' is always there; the way to see in the dark- is to stand still, listen hard, and breath deep. Then peace will descend and the inner eye will guide you to the light.

May your Summer be BRIGHT!

Monday, May 11, 2015


words to duel over

7:40 pm PDT on May 11th  (master number day)  Mars enters Gemini.

Mars will link up with the twin sign for just over six weeks. During this period you can discover just how many words can put you in a funk, thrill, or war. It may be only one word that does it- or a monologue of them.  But be certain, words do hold big sway right now, and they will have you  going through a dictionary of emotions.  All of this is of course compounded because Mercury is also in Gemini (home place) and so, the fluid energy of the POWER of words (I didn't say truth) to move people into rebel mode will be profound. Panties will get twisted. YOU SAID WHAT? will be uttered often. Gift of the gab might not be so.

Words are the result of the abc (always,being,continual) of thought. Ideas, concepts, contracts, and contradictions all begin in the mind. And the mind is a unreliable source of information, because of its very nature. That nature of the mind is  like a mad monkey. Zooming here and there on a thread of fleeting images. SERIOUS Fiction writers will do well the first week of Mars in Gemini- as he moves towards a opposition to Saturn (go, stop, go, stop, I said GOSTOP!). Right after that green/red turns to purple confusions Mars lines up with a square to Neptune........WHAT EXACTLY WAS SHE/HE SAYING? IS THAT A LANGUAGE?  Yes, it is- its called double talk. It will be fluently flying out of people's mouth.

What's a sane person to do?

STICK to the contract you made. Let the fools who lie hang themselves. They will. Law of the Universe- you put out crap- you get it back.Maybe not at that very second, but one day, when you least want to face yourself, the mirror of your words will meet you ..... and they will be as nice as you've been. 

 "Deception, Deception, Deception" ~The Glass Menagerie. (JoAnne Woodward at her best in the Tennessee Williams master piece-read it, or watch it- or both!)

Some people never lie directly. They are way too clever for that. They say just enough to leave you with the 'impression' that they wish you to have. They let you come to the false conclusion without having to lie. And yet, most people figure out this game. And it is a game to people who do it.

Mars in Gemini is a supporter of mind games.  I suggest pulling out the chess board and growing some new branches in your brain for the next six weeks. Buy a supply of good pens and nice paper and learn how to write well. (They don't teach that in school anymore- I think that they might have a 'how to text' class though).

Mars is about speed and Gemini is thoughts and words and so the mouth might not be able to keep up with the brain and thus you will have to S-L-O-W down.......not something people want to do much these days. Its all about how fast you can text, how soon you can be done with the communications, and back to staring at your facebook information overload.

 Its not good enough to have just a great idea anymore. Now you must pitch it, pin it, share it with facebook, twitter, etc. etc.  and instant gram it to the entire universe to sell it. Exhausting.  See what trouble the mind can get you in? A simple face to face conversation really seems like an old fashion joy. You have a voice! And its got great tone to it- I never knew! We only communicated by short hand. ! I thought you didn't speak. So few people do that these days. And listening - what's that? Never heard of it!

So where has all this speed of thoughts gotten us?  Information highway overload toxic disease!

Its going to become very clear we are due for a break from the onslaught of pins, instant nothings that saturate our brains at zillion speeds of light every second of every waking moment. I am tired just writing a blog about it!

Let us move on.

Mercury will station retrograde on 18 May - 11th June. 

Take plan A,B, and C on vacation with you.  Try not to multitask for three weeks. Try instead to concentrate on ONE project.

See where all the avenues of ONE idea can go. Explore the nature of your mind.  Do work with your hands. Create something out of nothing. Reread some classics.  Turn off the TV.

Jupiter will make happy with Mars. So yes, get out and PLAY. Or go see one!

Venus is in foodie Cancer until June 5th.  This is a great time to explore what security is to you- how you bond with others and what feeds your soul. Its a great time to enjoy water - a big body of one or a just bubble baths.

We live in a world that doesn't want you to slow down- and yet, while the planets are visiting signs that might speed things up for us, I say- SLOW DOWN.  Go real real slow this month and in June. 

So the fast one gets the bone? Well, I for one would rather have a life.

Stop and STARE at the flowers. They are tiny miracles. Remember that you too are a miracle. Life itself is a miracle. And the biggest miracle we all need right now is to become deaf to the information overload syndrome.

So make your fight one that is about taking your life back by putting down your 'information phone' and speaking the real language of life- SILENCE.  Then you will really be listening. 


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